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The Plastics Pro-Fusion inc. Is far superior to bonding or other chemical materials add. Our knowledge allows us to make a real fusion between thermoplastic molecules to make a solid and durable repair.

Our strength of plastic analysis to advise you and to have a 100% compatibility during the molecular fusion. Thus, our plastic welding allows, during your restorations or design of parts, a long-term guarantee and a work well done.


In addition to being efficient, our welding method leaves us the opportunity to recycle, to be an ecological and affordable solution.

Innovation and recovery are the main concerns of Plastique Pro-Fusion inc. !


Heat sealing or welding is a process that involves melting a piece of plastic of the same family.


Plastic Pro-Fusion inc. Uses only plastic, it is advantageous, economical and highlights the recovery.


Do you know?

Plastic welding has been around for a very long time. The invention (patent) of heat sealing dates from at least 1937 and published in 1940. The heat welding was subsequently imported to Quebec (Canada) more than 30 years ago.



                                                             Plastic welding is economical!