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Our services

All our repairs, modifications and designs are guaranteed

Automotive part (bumper, clip-light, wing interior and others)





We offer a turnkey service


We are at your disposal either at our premises or with our mobile units.


We work with all thermoplastics and according to your needs. We have 3 types of tools and we use:

Plastic sheet

Plastic welding rod

Recycled plastic

The most popular thermoplastics are:

PVC (flexible or rigid) - Acetal - ABS - Polypropylene - HDPE - LDPE - UHMW - Polycarbonate - flexible polyethylene - TPO - TPE


If recovery is not available, Plastic Pro-Fusion inc. Has 100% bumper sticks and sheets (PP*EDPM, Xenoy, TPO, TPE, TPUR and others).


Plastic welding is economical!